Osborn the Shadowstrider

A halfling ranger. A pather-riding beastmaster.


Osborn was born into a farming family in a small, rural halfling village. Life was as to be expected; chores were a part of life at an early age. They raised goats and grew a variety of produce, and he learned to love being helpful to the family he loved.

When not helping his family with their farm, Osborn would find joy in wandering the nearby forest, admiring and appreciating nature’s beauty. Reading was also a fun pastime. While his father insisted on raising a boy that could use his brains, Osborn found reading to be fulfilling, particularly history and books that told of life outside this small village.

All of his simple joys came to an end when a mining company came to town and worked its way into settlement. They were after precious ores that were buried in the nearby valley, but they needed the land his family’s farm was on as one of the sites of their digs. His father had refused, but when there goats started turning up missing and their barn was burned to the ground mysteriously, they got the message that this was an offer that was not to be refused.

This was the turning point for Osborn. From his studies, he’d learned that the price of progress was the sacrifice of natural things. Here was a farmland that was rich and fertile that was sundered and plundered for the shiny rocks below the ground. In Osborn’s eyes, this was wrong. While he harbored no ill will toward the people, he loathed the idea. He understood that this is what the world was becoming. Someday, there would be no natural beauty left, it would be harvested or destroyed to feed the supply and demand of the world. Under no delusion that he could change the world on his own, he resided to striking off on his own to see the world and all it’s beauty before it was pillaged.

Trusting that life is less what happens to you and more of what you make of it, Osborn sets out to nourish his wanderlust.

Osborn the Shadowstrider

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