Drale Linxakasendalor

A dragonborn


From Tarhun, who focused less on book knowledge and more on telling tales of great adventurers and villainous monsters (and playing cards), Drale developed a passion for becoming a dragonborn legend, re-telling epic stories, and espousing to the world the greatness of the Linxakasendalor clan.

Once of age, and with his clan’s blessings and gifts, he set out on his adventure…


Drale is the youngest son of the Linxakasendalor dragonborn clan leader’s second in command. This afforded him a privileged upbringing but as his older brothers (5) were groomed for leadership roles, Drale found himself under the tutelage of the Clan’s storyteller Tarhun, an ancient one.

Drale Linxakasendalor

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